With Jeanette Shelburne

10 Good Things

1. Stretch both arms forward with elbows slightly bent. Keep the palms facing down and thumbs in. Hit the sides of the right and left thumbs against each other for 36 times. Areas involved are (L14) along the large intestine meridian. May relieve blurry vision, sinus problems, mouth and toothaches, headaches, colds and flu.

2. Stretch both arms forward with elbows slightly bent and palms facing up. Hit the sides of the left and right pinky against each other for 36 times. Areas involved are (S13) along the small intestine meridian. May relieve pain and tightness of neck and scalp. May also strengthen bones.

3. With the palms facing the sky, let the wrists face each other. Hit palm-sides of the wrist joints 36 times. Areas involved are (P7) along pericardium meridian. May relieve heart ailments, chest tightness, and nervous tension.

4. Palms facing down. open thumbs while keeping the other 4 fingers together forming 9O-degree angles between the thumbs and index fingers. Hit the inside of the angles 36 times.

5. Stretch out a1l fingers and hit between fingers 36 times (the end position should look as if you were folding your hands. Areas involved in techniques 4 and 5 are composed of eight special points, and may improve circu1ation in fingers and toes, and relieve numbness in hands and feet.

6. The left hand forms a tight fist, while the right-band fingers are out-stretched with the right palm facing the left fist. Hit the right plam against the left fist's knuckles 36 times.

7. Reverse technique 6, with the right hand forming a fist and the left hand out-stretched. Areas involved in techniques 6 and 7 are (P8) along pericardium meridian, and may alleviate fatigue and increase stamina.

8. Right palm faces up, left palm faces down. Hit the back of both hands 36 times. Areas involved are (TW4) along tri-warmer meridian. May regulate functions of internal organs.

9. Use both index fingers and thumbs to hold the ear lobes. Pull the ear lobes outward 36 times, There are many acupuncture points on the ear tobes. May improve circulation in eyes, face, and brain.

10. Rub palms together in circular motion 6 times until warm. Lightly cover eyes with palms, and roll eyes from side to side 6 times. Repeat 6 times to regulate and improve Chi and energy of eyes. May improve vision.

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